CMPD focuses on preparedness for active shooter situations


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Following the mass shooting at a South Florida high school, local schools are reviewing procedures, protocol and active shooter training. CMPD says preparedness is key when it comes to mass shootings.  

“How much preparedness are we doing for active shooters,” asked Officer Frisk with the CMPD Crime Prevention Unit. 

As mass school shootings increase, more and more people are asking for armed security at schools across America.

“I think the one thing we can also ask our legislator to help us with is school security services in the form of armed security officers,” said Dr. Clayton Wilcox, Superintendent for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

Dr. Wilcox says it’s an unfortunate reality of the 21st century.

“That we not only have to secure our facilities more adequately, but we also have to provide armed security in many times or at least w very quick resource,” he said. 

While North Carolina schools use a program for active shooter training called “Run, Hide, Fight,” CMPD takes a different approach, offering a free, two-hour presentation program called “Active Survival.”

“The police department has done this for years we call it the A.B.E.’s: Avoid, barricade, encounter,” Officer Frisk said. “The main thing we focus on in our presentation is taking some sort of action.”

Their program focuses more on keeping an enemy out.

“We take a more aggressive approach and do something called barricade, meaning if we have a door or something we can lock taking any type of furniture, chairs or tables placing that against the door making sure the active shooter can’t get inside the room you’re in,” said Officer Frisk. 

The police department says while each scenario is different, preparedness is always key.

“And if they take that seed and water it and nourish it and let it grow we believe the likelihood of survival will go away up,” said Officer Frisk. 

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