Clergy leaders plan to heal city one week after uptown Charlotte riots


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Clergy leaders from all faiths gathered at First United Methodist Church on Wednesday to discuss the tensions seen last week in protests and try to heal the city.

“To begin to talk about ways of resolution going forward for the long haul,” Pastor Val Rosenquist said. “Not for next week, not for next month, but to be putting procedures into place so this doesn’t happen again.”  

Leon Threatt told FOX 46 Charlotte he believes discussions can do more than protests. He calls on the community to start thinking about solutions, instead of marching.

“I don’t really believe that’s the solution,” Threatt said. “I believe those same ones if we were looking for answers would come to the table of dialogue and bring their ideas.”

It’s now been one week since Charlotte saw windows smashed and stores looted in uptown businesses. Streets were filled with anger and tear gas.

“It showed that even Charlotte is vulnerable to unrest,” Threatt said. 

Threatt hopes that these community discussions will foster unity and turn words into change.

“There comes a time where we need to stop talking and starting doing the things that we keep talking about and making some changes with how we do business in our city,” Threatt said. 

As clergy leaders continue efforts to heal the city, FOX 46 Charlotte learned Renovatus Church and the Exchange Church have canceled their Sunday morning services and instead call on members to meet in Marshall Park for a peaceful protest. 

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