Cleanup continues after massive fuel spill in west Charlotte


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Clean up is still underway at a creek in west Charlotte as crews work to remove leftover fuel from a massive gas spill.

More than a day later, nearby homeowners are still dealing with an overwhelming smell. 

“It’s like ‘don’t hand me a light,’ you know? Might catch on fire. It’s that bad. It’s that strong. It’s a little scary,” neighbor John Crosby said. 

Homes by the Pine Island Country Club neighborhood can smell the fuel seeping into their houses. Crosby wants it gone.


“If we had some rain it would help dilute it and it wouldn’t stink so bad,” he said.

The smell originated from an overnight fuel spill on Monday on Mount Holly Road near I-485.

Investigators say a car ran a stop sign and hit a tanker. The tanker then rolled over and spilled 7,500 gallons of fuel over the road.

That fuel then spilled into a creek that feeds into Long Creek and workers are trying to get it out before it reaches the Catawba River. The creek runs through neighborhoods like Pine Island.

“I’m sure it’s going to kill everything in the creek,” said Crosby.

Crews were seen using these yellow tubes called booms to help collect the gas as well as water cloths to soak it up. To get the gas and smell out of the area could take days.

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