City leaders, code enforcement taking steps to improve Lake Arbor Apartments


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Code enforcement will now meet with the property managers of the Lake Arbor Apartments after a months long investigation, FOX 46 uncovered deplorable conditions.

Mayor Vi Lyles is now calling for regular updates on the property and is looking to turn things around, but at the same time, one council member is asking her specifically why residents were left out in the dark about several meetings tonight.

“Is there any way that some of the tenants can join in to the meetings about Lake Arbor Apartments?” 

Lake Arbor residents want their voices heard, and city councilman Braxton Winston has questions about transparency. 

He asked Mayor Vi Lyles why the public was not informed a controversial discussion surrounding the apartment complex would happen at Monday’s meeting. It’s an update, he says, he also had no idea about.

“My question is why is it not on this agenda?” Winston asked. 

“Because I was out of town maybe, I wasn’t here to think about it. That might just enough. I was not here,” Mayor Lyles. 

Code enforcement has found violations in every unit.

“We’re still monitoring 262 cases,” a representative for Code Enforcement said. 

It’s meeting with property managers and their attorneys on Tuesday about a corrective action plan for the apartments.

Iyanna Flemming’s unit is one of them.

“That vent had five different type of mold in it, with the worst type of mold you can live in,” Flemming said. 

She showed up to the City Council meeting but says many of her fellow residents did not, only, because they didn’t think council would be talking about Lake Arbor.

“It’s very unfortunate that there are still residents living in these types of conditions,” city councilwoman Dimple Ajmera said. 

When, in fact, their dinner meeting went late because they spent so much time talking about it.

Some council members say they’ve met with residents and witnessed disgusting conditions that lie with apartment management.

“They had freshly painted some of the apartments and the mold was seeping through the fresh paint,” Julie Eiselt. 

These are conditions residents are too familiar with.

“Everything is gone– full of mold,” said Flemming. 

FOX 46 asked several city reps when and where tomorrow’s meeting with Lake Arbor management will take place. I have not been given an answer and the residents I’ve spoken with haven’t been given an answer either.

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