City hears cries of concerned neighbors in Oakhurst


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — The City of Charlotte is planning to add a road to a neighborhood in east Charlotte hoping to help revitalize the area, and capitalize on the booming business of a Walmart.

But the community affected is taking action and getting results after protesting the City’s plan to build a road through their quiet neighborhood.

The Oakhurst neighborhood is a community of peaceful tree lined streets where the hustle and bustle of nearby Independence Blvd. is all of muffled.

Mark Lerner told FOX 46 Charlotte he owns businesses in Oakhurst including the Lake Hill Apartments and was part of the team who fought back when the City proposed building a road through Oakhurst – connecting Walmart and Monroe Road.

Their plan would also potentially knock down homes, apartments and businesses in its path.

The neighborhood created a petition to stop the Pierson Drive extension. It gained the support of almost 500 people, and helped the City change its tune.

The neighbors are worried the new road will bring added traffic, trash, crime and would negatively impact their small, established neighborhood.

The City has agreed to review the plans and potentially throw them out. The Oakhurst neighborhood is hoping they stay true to their word.

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