City fixes confusing speed limit signs near school


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Changes have come to a Southwest Charlotte neighborhood after FOX 46 Charlotte got results.


A speed limit sign along Scaleybark Road in the Colonial Village neighborhood said 35 miles per hour. Neighbors say that was the incorrect speed, because the posted speed limit for the entire street was 30 miles per hour.

Neighbors tell FOX 46 Charlotte they have been calling the city for months asking for someone to come out and fix the sign. Just hours after FOX 46 called the Charlotte Department of Transportation, someone came and fixed the problem.

“I had heard a lot of the neighbors called to complain about it and they never did anything, but they did it the day after your story aired so I am very surprised,” said Kathleen Young.

FOX 46 Charlotte drove out to Scaleybark Road Thursday Morning and found that old school zone signs were removed, but the one reading the incorrect speed remained.

Sometime in the early afternoon Thursday, someone from the city came out and slapped a number 2 sticker on the sign so it would read the correct speed.

“I think because it got some recognition and people were complaining, that’s the only reason why they did it,” said Kathleen Young.

An official from CDOT tells FOX 46 Charlotte an outside contractor did in fact install an incorrect sign.

The city says they were aware of the problem and corrected it Thursday.

“They should be held accountable and come put up the correct sign,” said Cole Smith.

It was a  simple fix, with a sticker. Now neighbors hope everyone uses the correct speed when passing through the school zone.

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