City Council addresses frustration, anger after Charlotte demonstrations


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — One by one folks in the gallery stepped up to the podium to address Charlotte City Council and voice their frustration. 

“What is the solution that we are going to create, that these young man can have a future.”

“The fact that only 400 of 1,900 cops have been trained is very disturbing to me. It’s been a year.”

“Is anybody listening? Does anybody care?”

Charlotte City Council members discussed plans for safety trust accountability, housing, and jobs. Councilman Al Austin said this is just the first step. 

“But this is our beginning of what we have the power to do and we’re going to push for more.”

“It’s time to ask the community what it wants.”

The new initiatives are meant to address issues that plague low-income communities. The council says they are committed to being inclusive but Councilwoman Claire Fallon said it’s not enough. 

“It’s called a place at the table. We haven’t done it. This doesn’t do it either,” Fallon said. 

Council members continues to lay out their plans, but Mecklenburg County County Commissioner Vilma Leake paid out what she said is the problem. 

“Let’s put the rat on the table. The rat is race,” Leake said. “It’s unfortunate that sometimes the people that need to be in the room are not the people that will come those meetings and those conversations. So I don’t know how we get to that. But the issue of race I think will solve a lot of this.”

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