Christmas Town USA kicks off in McAdenville


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The unofficial Christmas Town USA sits right in Charlotte’s backyard. For the 61st year, McAdenville lit up their stunning display Thursday night. 

Organizers told FOX 46 Charlotte homeowners and businesses have been preparing for the last several weeks. The event is much more than stringing lights on some trees. 

McAdenville, North Carolina is a town of about 650 people. But when the holiday season arrives and the lights come out, so do the crowds. 

600,000 people drove through Christmas Town USA last year to view the thousands of lights. 

“There are over 300 trees in our mile and a half stretch of town and there are over 500,000 lights,” an organizer said. 

A spectacle, still capturing the attention of locals. 

“Beautiful lights. Never seen them before and we just came by to see them,” another visitor said. 

With one flick of the switch, weeks of hard work stringing lights, finally comes to life. 

“I just couldn’t believe it. It was like a childhood revisited. Just a storybook coming to life. Christmas really comes to live in McAdenville, especially if you have seen it for the first time.”

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