Christian community mourns Billy Graham on day of funeral


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A heartfelt goodbye was given to an exceptional pastor who never would have wanted all this attention. Emotional words were spoken by Reverend Billy Graham’s children on Friday, March 2 as he was laid to rest next to his late wife at the Billy Graham Library. 

“And I can only imagine what it was like for my father to step into heaven,” said Rev. Graham’s son Franklin. 

“He wrapped his arms around me and he said welcome home,” daughter Ruth shared. 

The father, the pastor, the friend who grew up on a dairy farm in Charlotte was known by so many famous faces. 

“Every time I hear the song just as I am people felt safe, I don’t have to clean up my act,” said talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford. 

“He was a pioneer back in those days and us being in television these days, he opened those doors and we all benefit and that’s what we’re here to celebrate,” said well-known pastor Joel Osteen. 

“From the bible to the heart to the lips you could tell it was coming from a deep down sincerity that had a big impact,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan-Archbishop of New York said. 

Reverend Graham connected with people on a deep level. 

“He said something to me I’ll never forget he said ‘Kevin God loves you and he wants to use your gift for his purpose and talents,’”

In the revival tent that seated thousands, symbolic of how he started a ministry that reached millions on TV, the message felt personal. 

“I believe it just reenergized it wasn’t a heavy service it was a more celebratory and inspiring
I think you heard in the sermon and some of the eulogy as dark as the world is, there’s still a light and there’s still a huge hope,” said

The kind of hope preached about by Billy Graham that will live on. 

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