Chesterfield County aids Pageland as police department works on personnel issues


PAGELAND, SC — Police officers in Pageland, SC are walked off the job after their chief was reinstated by the Town Council. This all went down after a four month SLED investigation. 

The reason behind the investigation remains unknown. 

Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks said the mayor called him asking for help to look after the town as officer began to resign. He said his deputies will step in to help with patrols. 

“If it takes a week, a month, a year until Pageland gets everything straightened back out. The sheriff’s office will look after the town of Pageland,” Sheriff Brooks said.

Five deputies are currently patrolling Pageland. Right now, the police department only has three police officers and one person on dispatch. The Pageland Police Chief was expected to be back on Monday. The Sheriff’s said some of the remaining officers could leave by then.

Town leaders called an emergency meeting Wednesday night to talk about the officer walkout. It was the only item on the agenda and it was a conflict the public wanted resolved. 

Town leaders met for more than two hours. Town officials told FOX46 it was decided Sheriff Brooks will act a the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in Pageland and Larry Brown will work underneath him to fix the staffing issues.

Town Council discussed the issue in private before announcing their decision. 

It was also decided in the short-term, the sheriff’s office will fill in for the police officers who resigned. The Sheriff hopes to work out how his deputies will be paid.

Long-term, town leaders said they’re committed to insuring an appropriate presence is maintained while these personnel issues are addressed. 


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