Chester Walmart reopens after officer shoots, kills alleged shoplifter


CHESTER, S.C. — A Walmart in Chester is back open after a man was shot and killed by law enforcement officers Saturday. 

The incident occurred at the store on J.A. Cochran Bypass. Officials say the suspect was shoplifting and was shot and killed by the officer.

On Sunday, FOX 46 spoke to customers who frequent the store. 

“It didn’t bother me coming here. We are used to coming here,” one woman said. 

According the Chester Police, the man shot and killed was shoplifting from the store. Officials say officers were already at the store working. 

“I could’ve been out there. I could’ve been out in the parking lot when this happened,”

Shoppers told FOX 46 that going elsewhere to do their shopping today wasn’t an option, but felt there was a difference inside the store.

“This is our local Walmart. We’d have to travel like an hour, There’s no more officers than normal as far as customers it’s probably slower than what I imagine,” another shopper said. 

While the investigation continues, those in the community hopeful nothing like this happens again. 

“It’s very hard this time of the year with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up,” said another. 

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