Chester County dog left in flooded yard, animal control called repeatedly


CHESTER COUNTY, SC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Neighbors are furious over the living conditions for a dog forced to live outside in Chester.

A video sent to FOX 46 Charlotte from a viewer showed a dog in Chester sitting in a flooded backyard Wednesday morning. Chester County Animal Control confirms to FOX 46 they responded to the 6th Street home and moved the dog to dryer ground.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first visit for animal control. In a message obtained by FOX 46 Charlotte, reportedly between the lead animal control officer and a volunteer, officers were responding to welfare checks “every other day.”

FOX 46 stopped by the home Thursday afternoon to get the pet owners side of the story.

“My wife is a little sick. He [the dog] is moving as much as he can move. He’s an outside dog, he’s not staying in my house if that’s what your here for,” said the owner.

As for the video of the dog posted on social media, the owners say “it’s phony.”

“She kept filming when it was raining out here and the dog does go in the house when it’s raining. He goes in his dog house,” explained the owner.

FOX 46 reached out to Chester County Animal Control on Thursday. They said, by law, they can’t take the dog because it doesn’t appear malnourished.

“The reason why the dog is healthy is because I have been taking care of it and feeding it,” said volunteer, Laura Clack.

Clack showed FOX 46 a message exchange, where an animal control officer thanked her for helping the dog just a few weeks ago. The owners reportedly asked Clack to stop helping the dog and stay off the property.

After capturing video of the dog in a flooded yard, Clack hopes someone other than animal control can step in. “That’s all they ever do is move it from one spot to the other,” said Clack.

FOX 46 Charlotte also obtained a voicemail from animal control from earlier this winter saying they were concerned about the dog being left in the cold.

The owners said they “check on the dog as much as they can.”

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