Charlotte’s murder rate on the rise


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Since 2014, murder rates in Charlotte have increased by more than 60 percent. This is the highest the city has seen since 2008.

“It’s really hard to pin point any direct cause for the increase. Even when you go back to the years when we had a lull or the years where it was previously higher, you still wind up seeing the same thing. The people who are involved in violent activities are usually involved with people that they know,” Captain Cecil Brisbon said.

Captain Cecil Brisbon is in charge of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department’s Violent Crimes division since 2013.

He said factors like a growth in population and social media are changing how people communicate.

“People don’t dialogue any more. They don’t talk about disagreements anymore. They don’t look for a happy medium. I think people look for what they consider a win and in some cases that means people wind up taking other people’s lives and I don’t know if they understand that’s final,” Captain Brisbon said.

Due to national events like the Keith Scott case, police departments across the nation are also seeing less and less people come forward with information about violent crimes.

“What we are looking at now is a situation where people don’t talk to the police as quickly as they did in the past and that hampers investigations,” Captain Brisbon said.

CMPD is doing what they can to keep the dialogue open.

“That why as an agency we are doing a lot of things to try and engage the community and really push that relationship and really push what was lost,” Captain Brisbon said.

Plus, all 13 CMPD patrol divisions change their strategies each year to effectively curb crime in their neighborhoods to make sure crime solving strategies don’t become stagnant.

“It’s really about making sure you use the right approach for the area that you have. There is no cookie cutter approach that’s going to solve all of our problems,” Captain Brisbon said.

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