CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Wednesday was the 114th birthday of Charlotte resident Hester Ford. Her family says it’s her faith that has allowed her to live this long.

“She is amazing, God-fearing, loving and most importantly just blessed,” said great granddaughter Vannessa A. Hill. “She loves the lord, which is why she praises him, she respects him and she loves him. That’s why she’s been here 114 years.”

This birthday is a surprise to the entire Ford family, the woman is actually a year older than everyone thought. They recently discovered a census document that suggests Ford was actually born in 1904.

Back when Ford was born, official birth records weren’t kept, so for nearly a century they had to rely on people’s best recollection. This new discovery, if officially accepted, would make her the oldest living person in the United States.

“She’s still in good health because she’s at home and around loved ones. But you can see the years have taken its toll as well. Just for her to be able to stand, eat and talk with us, it’s a blessing,” Hill said.

FOX 46 Charlotte was told by family members that she has 12 kids, 68 grandkids and 138 great grandkids.

She lives in her home with family members and recites her bible verses and songs on a daily basis. Her favorite one is Pslams 23.

Ford was originally born in Lancaster County, SC and raised on a farm before moving to Charlotte. She has been a member of her church, Macedonia Baptist Church of Charlotte, for 73 years.