Charlotte mother mourns loss of 20-year-old son, pleads for end to gun violence


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A heartbroken mother is pleading for an end to the gun violence sweeping the Queen City this year after losing her 20-year-old son.  

Her son, Darnel Mills, is one of the 94 people murdered in Charlotte this year. 

Right now, the passenger who was in the car Darnel Mills was driving is now in jail accused of killing him.

Mills’ mother, Tomaceeta Hampton, is devastated, saying this is not the news any mother wants to receive, but a pain she knows all too well

One look into Hampton’s eyes and you can see all that she’s been through. She lost her daughter to a house fire just over a year ago and now her son last month to gun violence. 


“I don’t know how I’m standing here being able to stand here dealing with two children being taken away from me within a year and a half,” Hampton told FOX 46. 

Back on October 21, Mills was rushed to the hospital after he was shot in the head on W.T. Harris Boulevard. 

Nine days later, he died in the hospital and Kehlan Johnson was charged with his murder. Mills’ mother says she doesn’t know the suspect. 

“I was made aware of who that person was at the same time as everyone else was,” Hampton said. 

Mills leaves behind a 7-month-old baby, his mother and three siblings. His mother says she will remember him as fun-loving. 

As for the youth in Charlotte, she has a message for them: 

“Just think about what you’re doing before you’re doing anything. Everybody has mothers, fathers, siblings and everything like that and I mean there’s other ways you can handle situations other than violence.” 

If you would like to help Darnel’s family financially as they deal with funeral expenses you can donate to the GoFundMe here.

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