Charlotte man describes process of getting tested for COVID-19


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte man who recently got tested for the coronavirus told FOX 46 what the process was like. 

Chris Leisure says he was feeling very sick last week with a sore throat, muscle aches and drowsiness. He says when he went to see his doctor his temperature made him eligible for COVID-19 testing. 

“My lungs had some weird noises. My fever was high so yeah, he was concerned,” Leisure said. 

Leisure was tested for the coronavirus last Thursday after he says he called his doctor with flu-like symptoms. His doctor knew of his Lee-existing medical conditions and wanted to get him in quickly. 

“You have to do three tests and you have to take two tests to rule out strep and a different strain of flu I believe.”

Nurses and doctors from Novant Health came to Chris’ car in full gear. He says they wouldn’t let him inside until the waiting room was clear to protect other people. 

“He took like a plastic stick about yea-long and what they do with it… it’s like an extension of a Q-tip. They tell you to tilt your head back and they stick it in your nose and they put it so far back it’s like in your sinuses.” 

The test for COVID-19 takes ten seconds. Chris says once he was finished testing…he went back home and self-quarantined.

“I was filled with anxiety but I wasn’t scared. I knew it was important to stay calm and just hope for the best.” 

As he waited, he felt extremely ill with fatigue so bad, he would fall asleep in conversation, but when the test results came back, Chris was negative for coronavirus. He has this message.

“Pay attention to the government, news, and pay attention to what professionals are telling you. Don’t pay attention to the panic.” 

Chris says as far as paying for the test, which has been concerning to many. He says he didn’t have to pay for anything. The testing was free. He says you must show all symptoms though and be tested for flu and strep before doctors issue the COVID-19 test. 

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