Charlotte man believes tires were slashed because he’s a Trump supporter


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte man says his tires have been slashed multiple times in the last month, and he believes it has something to do with his political beliefs.

Walter Hiligass says he’s shocked that his property has been vandalized so many times, but for him he says what’s most disappointing is the idea he was targeted for being a Trump supporter. 

Hillegass couldn’t seem to find the words as he showed where his tires were slashed not once, not twice, but three times in the last month.

“At first I didn’t think much of it. I’m a typical guy and I drive pretty rough when I’m out there, and then I came out a couple days later and my rear tire was slashed and my Trump 2020 sticker was completely cut up,” he said. 

HIllegass says he believes his Trump sticker is making him a target. After the second time it happened, his neighbor installed two security cameras hoping to catch the culprit in action and those cameras did just that. 

“He decided to help us all out and he decided to use his own money he literally pulled up to my car and starts slashing my tires,” Hillegass said. “It’s a very scary thought because if they can do this to my car whose to say they wouldn’t kick in my door while im sleeping.”

Hundreds of dollars in repairs and damaged property aren’t what bother him the most, he says it’s really the idea that he can’t openly support who and what he wants in his neighborhood.

“I worry about my personal safety and the safety of my neighbors and not only that if someone has a political difference. I’m a Trump supporter and that’s just that, but if you don’t agree with me don’t destroy my property.”

But Hillegass says slashed tires aren’t enough to make him back down. 

“In defiance, I’m going to wear my MAGA hat. I’m going to put my stickers on my car and I’m still going to support our president no matter what.”

Hillegass has filed a police report. So far, no suspects have been identified nor has an official make and model on the car been released.

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