Charlotte man admits to killing mother, 5-year-old


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Police in Sumter South Carolina said a 5-year-old girl is dead and her body was put in a dumpster. Now a Charlotte man is accused of killing her and her mother.

According to investigators, Daunte Johnson from Charlotte admitted to killing the little girl and her mother. He said he then put her body in a dumpster. Police searched nine garbage trucks and over 200 tons of trash but still have not found the little girl as of Tuesday night.

“Oh my gosh my baby is so wonderful she loves to dance, she loves to sing,” said Dupray Adams. The South Carolina father cried at the thought of little Neveah Adams. “She is about to go to kindergarten. She’s a wonderful child, my last baby!”

Sumter Police said the 5-year-old and her mother Sharlee Bradley were brutally killed by Daunte Johnson. The 28-year-old has a current address listed at the apartments on Monroe Road. He was seen running from the Sumter home where family found Bradley’s body and her 5-year-old daughter missing. Johnson is now in police custody.

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“Now I have to be really cautious,” said a Charlotte neighbor. She had no idea a criminal accused of murder was living in the same apartment complex. “I don’t know who my neighbors are. I mean you think you know them but you really don’t.”

Sumter Police said Johnson admitted to killing the mother and daughter and put the little girl in a dumpster owned by the city. Officials said that dumpster was emptied into a truck and taken to a landfill in Richmond County.

Detectives shifted through over two tons of trash and still haven’t found the little girl.

“I need my baby home,” said Adams. “I need my baby home.”

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