Charlotte Knights get results, fix Rocky River High School’s baseball field


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A ton of dirt, and a little– actually, a lot– of elbow grease from the Charlotte Knights staff helped bring Rocky River High School’s baseball field back to life after it was accidentally charred.

“I walked on the field and there is this big old black mess all over the field and there’s some piece of rockets. Anger build up,” Coach Chris Price.

Coach Chris Price had put a lot of his own time, money, and work into this field, but he says he knows better than to be angry about something he can’t control.

“I saw it as a great lesson to teach my boys that in life we are going to be thrown curve balls. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they’re bad. It’s what you do afterwards to determine the type of person you want to be,” he said.

What coach didn’t expect was the Charlotte Knights coming in to the rescue and fixing his field. 

“When they leave today, it’s going to be better than they found it this morning,” Charlotte Knights Chief Operating Officer Dan Rajkowski said. 

They also made some much-needed improvements to the field. 

“It’s a credit to FOX 46, honestly. Without that story, we probably wouldn’t have known about it,” Rajkowski said. 

“It’s unbelievable what they are doing. If they stop now, I’d still be the happiest man around because they’ve already done so much,” Coach Price said. 

Coach Price is excited about the upgrade and thankful the Knights have given his team a fighting chance this season, but on Monday, he says it’s back to playing ball.

“They’re not just playing for Rocky River, they not just playing for CMS, they are playing for the community of Charlotte. They took interest in us and now it’s our time to show them what we can do,” Coach Price said. 

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