Charlotte family discovers they’re paying neighbor’s water bill


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — FOX 46 is Getting Results for a family who says they are paying for two water bills. The bill at times would total more than $250 dollars, which forced them to pay late rent.

“I shouldn’t have been paying it in the first place,” said James Barnhart.

Especially when his dish washer doesn’t work and there is no washer or dryer. So who is using all the water?

Apparently the neighbor right next door. The home in question was once a single family home before being remodeled into a duplex. The problem is, there is only one water meter out front and one one tenant is paying the bill.

Barnhart says he discovered the issue this week when a pipe burst, which forced him to call the City of Charlotte to come out and turn the water off.

“It shut the water off to my house and the people who live in the other part of the house,” said Barnhart.

FOX 46 called the rental agency Thursday afternoon to get results. They only acknowledged the problem and told reporter Brett Baldeck they are supposedly working with the landlord to fix the issue.

“When you move into a house they tell you, you’re responsible for the utilities so you do what you’re supposed to do so you go get the utilities in your name and when the bill comes you pay it,” said Barnhart.

Barnhart feels someone along the way didn’t do their job by splitting the water water line into two separate meters before renting this house as a duplex.

FOX 46 also contacted Charlotte Water Thursday afternoon who said it is legal for a duplex to have one meter, but most of the time landlords install a sub-meter.

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