Charlotte Crime Goes Up


Charlotte, N.C. — Charlotte has proven to be a more dangerous place to live compared to last year.

Murders, robberies, rapes, crime across the board has gone up more than ten percent according to Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

We went out along Beatties Ford Road – one of the trouble areas – and spoke with businesses owners and folks who live in this community.

They say they’ve seen the increase in crime firsthand. What helped bring crime down several years ago, community members say, began with officers getting out of their cars and into the community.

Beatties Ford Road has been Stephanie Grier’s home for the past year and she says it’s far from “easy street”.

“It’s a shoot out every night, so you don’t know whether to duck or sleep,” said Grier.

Across Charlotte-Mecklenburg, police statistics show our city has become a more dangerous place since over the past year. Between July and September alone there were 19 murders.

 “Crime is up in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, but it’s not for a lack of effort by our employees or the community to impact crime,” said Deputy Chief Katrina Graue.

Waled Alboga owns a beauty supply shop on Beatties Ford. He says the rise in crime is scaring off customers.

“They need to come into Beatties Ford for their stuff and they’re scared to come. They tell me, we can’t come. It’s scary,” said Alboga.

He says what helped bring crime down several years ago was when officers hit the streets, on two wheels – instead of four.

“Couple of police men on bicycles. They came and patrolled the area. For almost three years, the area on Beatties Ford Road was awesome,” said Alboga.

Grier agrees.

“A lot of time they ride through, break up a crowd and as soon as they ride off, the group is back doing the same thing. Mingle in with the kids or the crowds and it will change,” said Grier.

That’s what officers in the metro division say they’re going to focus on.

“Our plan on doing that is a lot of old fashioned policing. It’s getting out on foot, walking through the area, stopping through the businesses, talking with people,” said Captain J.D. Thomas.

Police in the metro division just launched walking patrols. Right now; they’re trying to get out on foot about three times a week.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how much crime has gone up.

In the 3rd quarter CMPD reported 47 murders compared to 32 last year, nearly a 47 percent increase.

Robberies are up nearly 14 percent.

The number of rapes up by more than 17 percent.

Vehicle thefts increased by close to 36 percent.

Arson cases also shot up by more than 48 percent.

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