Charlotte councilman urges support for businesses impacted by coronavirus


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte councilmember is urging people to support businesses and industries that are impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We need to consider too there’s a lot of folks who survive with jobs in the service industry or maybe in the arts, the things that we’re not going to be going to now, that maybe we normally would have,” said Councilmember Larken Egleston. “We need to be thinking about how we can kind of hold those people up and help them in this time.”

Egleston tweeted out several ideas to his followers Friday, which was shared about 60 times and received nearly 200 likes.

“Love the idea of buying gift cards from restaurants now for use later to help them maintain during #Coronavirus,” Egleston tweeted. “Other ideas: tip 20% on take-out/delivery as if sitting down to eat, download songs of bands who cancelled shows, donate to charities who cancelled fundraisers.”

His tweet prompted others to share their suggestions as well.  

“Charities that maybe had to cancel due to a fundraiser, donate to that charity anyway,” said Egleston. “Especially the ones, like Crisis Assistance Ministries, that help people out in times of need such as this.”

Egleston says it’s important to not “shut down the economy.’” He says if you bought a ticket to a performance that was cancelled, for example, consider donating your refund back to that organization to support the arts during this time. The impact of COVID-19 is already being felt in the city, he said, with the cancellation of conferences and hotel reservations.      

“There’s a lot of people and a lot of organizations that are going to be in really tight times for the next couple weeks, and maybe longer,” said Egleston. “I think if we’re all mindful of how we can help those people out right now, it’ll go a long way.”

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