Charlotte community works to save landmark cemetery


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Charlotte City Council has approved a plan to save a landmark cemetery just outside of uptown. The cemetery has been around since the 1800s. 

“Being this is one of the first black area as housing, it’s got a lot of history here,” said local Roosevelt Reuben Jr.

Just across from Five Points Park lies the historic Biddleville Cemetery. Black veterans who served in the Spanish-American war and both World Wars have been laid to rest there. 

“I know it’s been out there since 18 something.”

It’s this cemetery Stewart Gray with the Historic Landmarks Commission said is important to Charlotte. 

“An area’s history we believe is important, especially in a fast growing place like Charlotte. It adds character to a place. If you don’t have your history you truly are grounded,” Gray said. 

By designating the cemetery, no changes can be made to the land without the commissions permission.

“Any material alterations to that property, any real estate change to that property has to be approved by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmark Commission,” Gray explained. 

With more than 350 historical sites recognized by the city, Gray isn’t anticipating any hold up in Monday’s vote. 

“We’ve had good feedback about designating those properties and we did not hear any negative comments from the public meeting,” he said. 

And for Reuben and his grandkids, he told FOX 46 Charlotte this is a teaching experience he’s looking forward to.

“Exactly, exactly where the history originated. It’s a black neighborhood. Black solders and they can learn about it through firsthand recognition,” he said. 

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