Charlotte city leaders discuss next steps in handling COVID-19 outbreak


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Here in Charlotte, city leaders met through an online platform to discuss their next steps in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. 

There was a lot said during a virtual city council meeting Monday night, in terms of keeping city employees and police officers safe, but more than that, they told us how many people haven’t been following the rules. 

“So far, about 1,400 reports have come through in various forms…about issues regarding the enforcement,” CMPD Chief Kerr Putney said. 

In the time of social distancing, people do appear to be reporting others for not doing it. Chief Putney talked about the things they’ve responded to since the stay at home order went into effect and it’s been busy.

“We’re trying to get as much cooperation as we can and protect the city,” Putney said. 

He was one of several speaking at the ‘virtual’ meeting for Charlotte City Council, leaders joined in from their homes. The meeting was mostly about coronavirus and touching on the city, and hospitals, being ready.

“I know for a fact that they are trying to reduce the number of patients with elective surgeries and they have a surge plan to expand beds in their own facilities.” 

Much of the work has been coordinated with Mecklenburg County, but CMPD has been at the front of enforcing the stay at home order. They cited a spa that was even still open when FOX 46 went by today. 

“That’s an ongoing saga. We’re not done with that particular establishment,” said Putney.

An abortion clinic protest also violated gathering rules.

“We had about 50 demonstrators, after 10, we told them they were in violation of a mass assembly.” 

CMPD says they have enough personal protection equipment for every officer. While they say the stay at home order should be taken seriously they’ll only enforce it if it is absolutely necessary.

“We’re complaint driven, but not doing any active traffic stops to determine where people are going in particular.” 

One other thing the city did note is that they are not picking up yard waste right now, so you’ll either have to leave it out or take it to a county waste facility.

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