Charlotte City Council Breaks out the rule book



Mayor Jennifer Roberts said the city council is committed to engaging and serving every member of the community but, they can’t do that when there’s shouting and profanity.

“We will not allow other speakers, the council or the staff to be met with the same disrespect that occurred last Monday,” said Roberts.

On February 27, council chambers erupted sending city leaders scrambling for the rule book. However, Monday the rules were made clear to those attending the public forum. “We do not engage in a back and forth dialogue during this portion of our meeting. This time is dedicated to hearing from you. We will not respond to you, we are listening,” said Mayor Roberts.

Some in the room weren’t happy with Mayor Robert’s characterization of people affected by the ICE raids. “The agenda was limited so fewer people could speak. But, it’s completely disrespectful to characterize the people from last week as trouble makers when they are people who are tired of being tired, they’re tired of our city doing nothing to support immigrants,” said Hector Vaca, the Charlotte Director for Action N.C.

Daniel Herrera is running for the City Council District 3 seat. He took to the podium to speak on unity and how it’s necessary for both sides to come together.

“If we’re going to talk about issues facing our city then we have to do so respectfully with one another and we have to actually listen to one another. It’s the only way that the city council will take the speakers seriously and a way for speakers to take the city council seriously,” said Herrera.

The message from communities affected by the ice raids remains loud and clear. “Pass a resolution stating the City of Charlotte will not collaborate with immigration officials also stating that they are not in favor of what immigration officials are doing right now. The city of Charlotte is a resistant city; we need them to say that,“ said Vaca.

Some in effected communities say they are not going anywhere. In fact, another Day without Immigrants is scheduled for May. Vaca said this event will be even bigger than the last one which drew more than five-thousand people to Uptown Charlotte.


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