Charlotte business owner says Ford F150 truck was stolen


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte business owner needs help finding his truck after it was stolen right from his own doors.

“I get a text message from our staff on Tuesday morning at southern star roofing asking did I take the truck and I said no. They said well someone stole it last night because when staff arrived Tuesday morning the truck was gone,” said Brandon Johnson. 

Heading into work, people at Southern Star Roofing noticed their marketing truck was missing from the parking lot. It’s an antique F150 that sits on 44-inch mud tires with a 20-inch suspension. 

“We would put Southern Star Roofing decals on it. It was a show stopper, we would have parents pull over so their son and daughter could get a picture in front of the truck, so it was a lot of fun,” Johnson said. 

Johnson found the truck on Facebook marketplace and he would use it to get more business. Now, he’s taking to Facebook to get people to help him find the truck. 

“If the truck comes up, we would really be happy about it. The guy that stole it. If you’re watching this: Crime doesn’t pay. I’ve already forgiven you. I’ll say a prayer for you,” 

In a recent press conference, Charlotte police launched the 9 p.m. routine that would remind people to lock their car doors. 


“In 2019, we had more than 10,000 vehicles stolen. 42 percent of those were unlocked.”

Although there’s a possibility the truck is gone forever, Johnson says he appreciates the people who are helping to get the word out. 

“I really, really appreciate the support,” Johnson said. 

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