‘Charlotte Bridge Home’ helps veterans transition to civilian life


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Charlotte is being called a model for how it treats its veterans. A local organization is not only making the transition from active duty to civilian life easier, but they’re doing it faster than ever before.

“Where’s the VA? Who am I going to go to? What area am I represented by?” asked Kerri Ann Burke-Henry as she was leaving active service in Navy.

She says they’re questions all service members ask themselves. That’s where Charlotte Bridge Home comes.

“I literally went from thinking that i was doing this transition all on my own in an area without my comforts of all the bases to having one organization link me to all the services that I needed,” said Burke-Henry

Burke-Henry retired on September 30th. She started working with Charlotte Bridge Home back in April.

“Once I found Charlotte Bridge Home I was on a clear path in what I needed to do to make a smoother transition mentally and physically,” said Burke-Henry

It’s about building relationships for vets,” said Blake Burne the executive director of Charlotte Bridge Home

Bourne says they’re relationships that can’t be built in war zones.

Friday morning they celebrated their two year anniversary of helping veterans transition out of the battlefield.

“We work with 56 nonprofits and coordinate services for veteran families,” said Bourne.

Things like education, healthcare, employment, and housing. In just two years they’ve helped 5,000 Charlotte-area veterans.

Veterans like Samuel Adams who was in the army reserves for 8 years. He’s now a manager at walmart

The mission is to adapt and overcome,” said Samuel Adams who spent 8 years in the Army Reserves. “So just understanding that part of it lets me know that no matter what’s going on we can do it and we’re going to accomplish our goals.”

The organization holds weekly and month get-togethers and information session. You can find more information on Charlotte Bridge Home here.

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