Charlotte bar accused of denying customers based on race


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A Charlotte bar is accused of not letting several people inside based on their race, according to a Facebook post that is now going viral.

Ashley Ellis Sisco posted on Facebook what she says she and her friends experienced while visiting Kandy Bar Charlotte at the city’s EpiCenter some time over the weekend.

“It was a group of about 8 black girls and 1 black guy. They told us we could not enter because we were not members so they made us leave,” the Facebook post reads. “Well of course I asked the group of white girls behind us if they were members and they said no you don’t need a membership to get in.”

Sisco and her sister waited several minutes to watch the line and noticed a pattern.

“…they made every black person in that line leave and continued to only let Caucasians in,” according to the Facebook post.

Sisco then goes on to explain how the entire ordeal made her feel.

“I was heartbroken, angry, pissed, honestly I was mad as hell. In case yall a**holes don’t know my money spends just like everyone else. People are so blind. They say racism don’t exist. Well my friends and I experienced it first hand. Also, the black guy with dreds tried to get in with a group of white girls and because they ask the bouncer if he could come in with them. The bouncer made them leave as well. ..smh!#boycottKANDYBAR##PLEASESHARE#”

So far the post has been shared more than 69,000 times in less than 24 hours and has caused a stir on social media with people calling for a boycott of the bar.

“Hit them where it hurts—their pockets,” one person posted in the comments.

“Wow!! Sounds like a reason to boycott,” another comment read.

In response to the backlash, Kandy Bar posted the following statement on their Facebook page:

Kandy Bar has proudly served the Charlotte community since May 2016 and we take these allegations very seriously. As a member of the Charlotte community, we have zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment. We have a clear dress code policy for patrons that is available here The individuals who were tuned away did not meet the dress code. We are currently investigating the weekend’s occurrences and will take immediate action to reinforce our zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment policies.

Thank you,


According to Membership Terms and Conditions posted on Kandy Bar Charlotte’s website, the bar “reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason. This includes failure to abide by the dress code policy.”

Here is a copy of the dress code, according to the bar’s website:

“No athletic gear of any sort, no baggy clothing, no tank tops, no athletic hats, chains or excessive jewelry, sunglasses, no sneakers or work boots.”

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