CAUGHT ON CAM: Man breaks into Union Co. homes


UNION COUNTY, NC (FOX 46) — The Union County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in identifying a man who they say has been breaking into many homes in Mineral Springs. 

Deputies and targeted neighbors agree the burglar is bold. They said he comes right up to the garage door like he owns the place, but it’s the time of day when he chooses to strike that leaves deputies calling it bizarre. 

“He’s walking right up in people’s front yards, breaking into cars and buildings,” Tony Underwood said, PIO with the Union County Sheriff’s Office. 

Caught on cameras, deputies said the man is a wanted robber. He was caught on surveillance canvassing a home deputies said he was going to break into before the homeowner confronted him and said to leave. 

“Taking guns and personal belongings that people cherish, that’s crazy.”

The Union County Sheriff’s Office said the wanted man stole guns and hundreds of dollars in lawn equipment from homes on Charlton Oaks Drive. 

“This guy is really brave. He’s coming up in daylight, 8 a.m. in the morning.”

The suspect is striking neighbors at their busiest – outside waiting for the school bus or in their driveway getting ready for work. 

“He don’t care…he’s coming in and doing what he has got to do.” 

Dennis Fowler told FOX 46 Charlotte he saw the thief taking items right off people’s front lawn – but because it was in daylight and many neighbors were outside – Fowler assumed he was supposed to be there. 

“It doesn’t appear he is concerned about being seen in the area and that’s very surprising. He seems to be very comfortable. Very bold in what he’s doing.”

Neighbors on Charlton Oaks Drive believe the man hit their streets last year – breaking into cars. Now they fear he’s busting into homes. 

“We can replace stuff he takes out of cars, out of lawn trailers but once he starts breaking into houses that becomes a different issue.” 

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