Cases of COVID-19 looked into at 2 Amazon facilities


FOX 46 is looking into two possible cases of coronavirus at two separate Amazon facilities in the Charlotte area.

In two separate emails, FOX 46 asked if a worker at the Concord Sorting Facility and a worker at the Old Dowd Road facility in Charlotte tested positive for the coronavirus.

The company sent the statement both times “we are supporting the individual who is recovering. We are following guidelines from health officials and medical experts, and are taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of employees at our site.” 

Amazon says they’ll be alerting workers who came in contact with employees who tested positive for the coronavirus and those workers will be asked not to come to work for 14 days but they’ll be paid. However, a viewer emailed FOX 46 asking how amazon is keeping customers safe. 

That viewer wrote: “This Amazon employee tested positive. Did this person come in to contact with any products or handle any packages? Have the delivery personnel and customers who received these packages been informed?” 

Amazon did not respond to my questions about customer safety. FOX 46 did find information on the company’s blog that says delivery drivers must wipe down their trucks, work equipment, keys, button and steering wheel at the beginning and end of their routes.

They have to maintain distance from customers, wash their work uniforms daily, and they’re supposed to stay home if they’re sick.

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