Carowinds channels state fairs of the past in new Carolina Fair attraction


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From the outside, Carowinds theme park-  thrill capital of the Southeast- looks rather desolate and quiet during the winter months. But that’s definitely not the case. 

Carowinds construction crews have been working long and hard over the past few months to bring park goers a new attraction this spring. 

The Carolina theme park will feature the 3-acre County Fair, a family-friendly attraction designed for guests to experience a true taste of hometown fairs. 

The Carolina Fair will offer four new rides- the Rock N Roller, Do-Si-Do, Zephyr and Electro-Spin. Each, taking its riders on a journey to the past. 

Get prepared to hear some classic, high-energy tunes on the Rock N Roller, spiral out up in the sky on Do-Si-Do, swing in a circular motion on the Zephyr and hang tight in a rotating orbit in the air on the Electro-Spin. 

The Zephyr has a unique flair. In it, riders swing from North Carolina to South Carolina as the attraction lies right on the state line. 

Carowinds Public Relations Manager Laresa Thompson said she always used to enjoy riding similar rides when she was a little girl. But the Rock N Roller, specifically, kept her adrenaline pumping. 

“It’s the music, the lights and excitement of going around and around and getting faster and faster,” she said. 

Blast from the Past is the concept behind the Carolina Fair, according to Carowinds staff. 

“The color palette and decorations that we’re using, the theming is all from the 60s, 70s and 80s, so it should take you back to your childhood county fair experiences and kind of immerse you back into that environment,” said Steve Jackson, director of maintenance. 

Thompson said Cedar Fair, the parent company that owns Carowinds, and Carowinds employees come together to brainstorm new ideas and expansion plans for the park each year. They spend time conducting focus groups and surveys. This year, people wanted a family feel, something they could relate to, connect with. 

“These four new rides here in the county fair section of the park for families, was the perfect thing, was what everyone was asking for,” Thompson said. 

One ride that won’t return this year is White Water Falls, a decision that does not have a clear explanation other than staff pushing for a new and improved park experience  based on park goer’s requests. 

The County Fair is slated to open in March 25, 2017.


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