Carolina Waterfowl Rescue caring for 6 piglets burned in house fire


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Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is helping six little pigs recover after they were burned in a house fire.

The two-week-old piglets were surrendered to animal control by a local woman, Donna, who rescues and cares for pigs and other animals.

“She got them home and left to go to the store. When she came back the fire department was there and her house was on fire,” Carolina Waterfowl wrote in a Facebook post on Monday, March 12.

Waterfowl Rescue staff drove out to the woman’s home in the middle of the night to pick up the injured piglets, arriving back with the animals around 3:00 a.m.

“We know how devastating a fire is and we just wanted to help as much as we could,” the rescue wrote. “We unfortunately have some experience dealing with fire victims and wanted to get these guys back and on oxygen quickly.”

The pigs were severely burned, and it appeared some plastic had also melted on them. The veterinarian arrived to examine the piglets that morning.

Around 12:45 p.m. the rescue posted an update stating that all of the pigs were burned. One had more severe injuries, but all of the piglets are expected to be fine. They have continued to post updates of the piglets as they are on the path to recovery.

Carolina Waterfowl collected the pigs and has said they will spay/neuter them at no cost so they can go to a good home.

They have asked for donations to help fund the continued care of the piglets. You can donate at or

The rescue also started a GoFundMe page to help the woman who was caring for the pigs. Several of Donna’s pets were killed or injured in the fire, and the rescue is trying to help with the cost of medical treatments. You can also donate using PayPal:

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