CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 WJZY) — While the football season is set to kick-off one fan’s season has already gotten off to a bad start.

“I knew it was a big game and the excitement probably got the best of me in the end,” said Ashley Krisel.

Krisel was looking to score several tickets to go to Sunday’s home opener against the Cowboys when she came across a seller on Craigslist. 

“We communicated via phone, text, email and I even googled him and friended him on professional LinkedIn sites like that,” she said. 

Communication between the two started back in June. According to Ashley, the seller started to make excuses on why the tickets couldn’t be delivered and then all communication stopped on Monday. The result — Ashley is now out nearly $1,800. She says the seller is so well known for scamming people even the team knows about him. 

“They have an opened file on this person and they have been looking to try to catch him. I’ve had to reimburse everybody so it’s about $3000 I’ve had to payback,” she said. 

While CMPD and the Panthers continue to investigate, Ashley’s advice is to stick with what you know.

“I guess go back to basics and buyer beware. If you’re going to buy tickets go through sites with 100% guarantee or buy them from the source,” she said.