Cam vs. Kyle: Panthers fans debate permanent starter


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With the Carolina Panthers taking a win Sunday taking them to 4-2, many fans on the fence about bringing Cam Newton back into the game.    

After the big win in London against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers fans are feeling good. 

While fans are united when it comes to wanting the team to win, there have been debates on whether they want Kyle Allen to stay starting, or bring Cam Newton back into the game. 

“I’m a diehard cam fan, but Kyle been doing kind of better than Cam lately,” one fan told FOX 46. 

But if you’ve been watching this team all season, you’ll likely notice that everyone on in the field is playing better than they were to start.

“This Carolina Panthers lost to the Bucs the first time with Cam Newton, but that’s because it was an injured Cam Newton. As much credit as I can give to Kyle Allen and as much credit as he deserves, we’re talking a healthy Cam Newton and at the end of the day, I’m taking a healthy Cam Newton over a Kyle Allen,” said Molly Cotten, a co-host on ESPN’s ‘The Wake Up Call’.

Because it takes more than a quarterback to win games. It takes an entire team. 

“This defensive you’re now looking at, this defensive line, this pass rush is one of the best ones in the league,” Cotten said. 

“That’s what’s winning the game here. Kyle Allen is doing great and the offense is doing great but at the end of the day this defense forcing turnovers continuing to get after the quarterback,” Superbowl Champ and FOX 46 Pre-game show commentator Roman Harper said. 

And when Cam is brought back onto the field, the pressure will certainly be on for the franchise starting quarterback. 

“I think you do bring Cam back in, but you bring him back in slowly at his own pace. You can’t rush this back because let’s be honest, these Carolina Panthers fans, they’re going to be angry the first time Cam throws two incomplete passes, that’s who they are as a fan base. I dont understand it or get it he’s been inaccurate his whole career he’s still going to have ups and downs. Kyle Allen has been great but this team is at an all-time high and everyone around him is playing at a higher level,” Harper said. 

“We want to win so why would you take out the person winning and put the person not winning in because he’s highest paid it doesn’t make sense,” a fan said. 

FOX 46 has seen a lot of reaction following the big win. So what do you think: Should the Carolina Panthers give up on Cam Newton? Call our Soundoff Hotline at 704-944-3348 with your thoughts. 

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