Cabarrus County neighbors say bad roads causing damage to cars


MIDLAND, N.C. — Neighbors in Cabarrus County say they’re sick of having to fix their cars because of damage caused by bad roads. 

Several residents in the Cedarvale Farm development told FOX 46 that they’ve been dealing with bad roads for years. They say at least half a dozen cars have been totaled after hitting manholes along Iron Horse Lane

Oil slick could be seen on the road where a driver’s oil pan was ripped off by a manhole sitting high above the road. 

“One of our family members was driving our car just down the street in the middle of it and she went over one of the man holes and it sits so high you can see the place where it hit and then it bottomed out our oil pan, so we had to pay $600 to replace out oil pans,” one woman who didn’t want to go on camera told FOX 46. 

People in the neighborhood say they’re sick of swerving just to get home, and paying for the damage if they don’t.

“Oil pans getting ripped out, transmissions getting clipped. My wife is on the neighborhood Facebook page and she said that neighbors have said their insurance companies have totaled their cars,” another neighbor said. 

They say the developers haven’t done any upkeep since the building began. Drivers dodge the manholes that sit several inches above the pavement and hit potholes in the process.

“I mean it’s very frustrating, we’ve had a nail or two in our tires, we’ve had potholes, I mean we have to swerve coming in at the main street of our neighborhood, and we have to swerve around manhole covers. On one of the swerves there’s a huge pothole so I mean, that’s damage to our vehicles.”

Neighbors tried addressing the issue with the developer and the HOA but are told the roads will be repaved once the building is complete. For some that’s been more than six years. 

“It’s almost impossible to talk to the developer. The HOA, they’re not much help either,” another woman said. 

In the meantime, cars try to avoid the manholes but that’s not always possible.

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