Bye Beach: 10-foot erosion cliff forms in Nags Head


NAGS HEAD, NC — Where’s the beach? That’s the question you may find yourself asking if you pay a visit to a public beach in Nags Head, NC.

A 10-foot erosion cliff formed on Grey Eagle beach near Jennette’s Pier. Ryan Torrance shared a photo of the cliff on Facebook. App users click here.

The sand ledge, otherwise known as an escarpment, is believed to have been created by a phenomenon known as perigean spring tides, which happen when the moon was either new or full and is closest to the earth, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Village Realty OBX posted video of the erosion to its Facebook page. The video was taken on Tuesday and shows different angles of the cliff. At one point a tape measure is rolled out and measure the cliff at 10-feet. 

The Town of Nags Head temporarily closed the Grey Eagle public beach access due to the instability of the area, The Coastland Times reported

“Escarpments are not unusual on the beaches here,” Roberta Thuman, a spokesperson for the town of Nags Head, said in an email. “This one is larger than normal due to the high, protective dunes. There is no equipment available to level out the dune. Once the winds turn back to the prevailing southwest, the escarpment will level out.”

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