Bullet fragment lands in school stands during a soccer game


LANCASTER COUNTY, SC (FOX 46) — Parents want to learn more about a shots fired incident near a school in Lancaster County, after gunfire landed on the campus.

Students at Andrew Jackson High School reported to campus officials that they heard shots during a Monday night soccer game.

Lancaster County School officials told Fox 46 Charlotte that an off-campus incident, where shots were fired, resulted in a bullet fragment landing on the property, in the stadium stands.

There were no reported injuries.

Police are trying to determine where the shots originated from. 

The following email was sent to parents and students from the school system:

Dear Parents,
We would like to make you aware of an event at the Andrew Jackson vs. Lancaster varsity soccer match last night at Andrew Jackson High. Fans heard two gunshots in the distance, and seconds later, heard something striking metal on the Lancaster side of the stadium. Later, a bullet fragment was found in the stands. No one was hurt or injured. The sheriff’s office responded and investigated. It was determined that the shot was most likely generated from off school grounds and landed on school grounds. There is no evidence that this was intentional. We are grateful everyone is okay. We feel it was important to inform of this event and give you the correct information. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at 803-285-6009.


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