Brother of murdered East Meck student speaks out


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Charlotte-Mecklenburg police released the 911 calls Friday from the night East Meck High School senior Chris Allen was murdered at a house party.

Dispatch: Charlotte Police. Do you need police, fire or medic?

Caller: Hello? Hello? This dude just got shot

Dispatch: Okay, what is the address?

Caller: Okay, I’m sorry but I heard shots fired but the address is…hold on can you give me a second? Come on…I don’t know the address

Dispatch: Does he need medical attention?

Caller: Yes, ma’am

Dispatch: Okay, hold on I’m going to get Medic on the line as well

As those calls were being released, friends of Chris Allen came together to remember him at a balloon release.

The balloons floating high into the sky over the same football field he used to play on at East Mecklenburg High School. Those who came said they’re happy police now have his accused killer behind bars.

“You know, he can’t hurt anymore families or hurt anybody anymore. I’m glad my friend Chris will get his justice,” Adam July said, friend of Chris Allen. 

Carlos Olguin, 22, is charged with Allen’s death. He made his first appearance in court Friday where a judge appointed him a public defender. 

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