Brother of Emanuel 9 victim reacts to verdict


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — The brother of Cynthia Hurd, one of the victims in the Charleston church massacre says his sister got justice.

Malcolm Graham, a former Charlotte city councilman and former state senator, was in court every day of the trial for his sister’s killer, Dylann Roof, who was sentenced to death.
Graham not only sat through the trial, with his brothers and sister every day, but he took the stand, testifying about the life and legacy of his sister.

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Graham refused to look his sister’s killer in the eye.

“Engaging him in any manner just wasn’t worth it. He’s not worth it,” said Graham.

Roof, a white supremacist gunned down nine black church members at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston in June 2015 after he sat with them in a Bible study.

Roof showed no remorse acting as his own lawyer, saying he felt like he ‘had to do it’ referring to the massacre in closing arguments, just before a federal jury sentenced him to die Tuesday.

“This was an attack against a race of people that look like me, this was an attack against a Christian church, this was an attack against humanity,” said Graham.

Graham agrees with the jury’s decision to sentence Roof to death.

“The jury came back and indicated, that there is no place for hatred, racism and discrimination in a civilized society,” said Graham.

Graham testified during the trial telling the jury about his sister, a librarian.

FOX 46 Charlotte’s Robin Kanady asked Graham, “When you got up there, did you look at Dylann Roof?”

“I didn’t, because it wasn’t about him, it was about her (Cynthia Hurd) and her life,” Graham responded.

Graham does not forgive Roof, in part, because he’s never even remotely indicated he’s sorry for what he did or the way he did it.

“This was premediated, this was calculated, this was planned,” said Graham.

Graham refuses to let the story be about Roof. He says it’s about nine innocent people killed because they were black, and now the story is also about people standing up to say that won’t be tolerated.

Graham says his sister would be grateful.

“I saw it to the end. She received the justice that she has earned.”

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