Blumenthal Center warns against against third-party sellers


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in uptown has a great lineup this year, including one of the most successful Broadway shows: Hamilton. 

The story of an unlikely founding father has captivated audiences for the past two years and on its second U.S. tour. Many are anxiously awaiting Hamilton’s arrival in Charlotte.

The show will be here in October, but third party ticket sellers are already selling stubs online. 

Only problem? The tickets haven’t even been printed from the venue, meaning you could be getting scammed.

These third party websites are charging well above sale price, and that’s a problem for Blumenthal Performing Arts CEO Tom Gabbard.

“It’s just the profiteering that we want to stop because we want regular middle class people to be able to afford our tickets,” said Gabbard.

Gabbard warns if they find out a ticket was purchased for an exorbitant amount they’ll scrap it entirely.

“People who want to jack up these prices and make money off of these tickets, we do have a problem with that and we have the right to void the ticket,” he said. 

Blair Richardson, the Co-Owner of Ticket Preserve, says he doesn’t work with Blumenthal’s partly because of their policy against third party sellers, but he stands by his business.

“Supply and demand is what it comes down to. A lot of these big sites, StubHub, for example, they’re actually partnering with venues,” said Richardson. 

It’s just about: Do you want to pay the money or do you want to sit home on the couch?

Blumenthal’s is doing what they can to warn people: Buy from the box office or risk paying double the amount for a potentially worthless ticket.

“Next thing you know you’re paying $50, $60 or $100 more for a ticket,” said Gabbard.

Mark Szabo bought some tickets from the box office Wednesday afternoon, he says he always does to guarantee a low price and the customer service is just an added bonus. 

“It’s just about: Do you want to pay the money or do you want to sit home on the couch?” 

Richardson said they always abide by the venue’s rules when it comes to third party sales, but 
but that doesn’t mean everyone does, and when it comes to a popular musical like Hamilton the people here at Blumenthal’s say don’t risk it.

Buy from their three trusted websites:,, or

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