Black Lives Matter: No marches, just concerned parents and teachers


CHARLOTTE, NC (WJZY) — There were no marches Thursday night, just concerned parents, teachers, and community leaders at a local church. 

About one year ago the Black Lives Matter Charlotte Initiative began. A lot of times the movement is associated with crime and police but on Thursday, it was about students. 

Folks were at Nations Ford Community Church to tackle a sensitive issue. 

“We are still living in a community, in a country, where racism is alive and well,” Tiffany Capers said. 

Capers is with the Black Lives Matter Charlotte Initiative. 

“I think the presumption is we’re saying Black Lives Matter only, Black Lives Matter exclusively, and that’s not what we’re saying. We’re just saying that based on our experiences in the country, we are part of the all life. We are a part of the fabric of this country and our lives matter just as well,” Capers explained. 

A lot of people associate Black Lives Matter with street protests, many times with the police at the center of the debate. 

But at Thursday’s meeting the focus was different. 

“It’s not only about crime or police,” Capers said. 

Folks put the focus on education – stating they’re trying to make Charlotte schools an easier environment for black children to learn in. 

“They’re not having the same experiences, they’re disproportionately having negative experiences when they shouldn’t be.”

Former teaches, principals, and concerned parents are taking it upon themselves to take action. 

“There’s individual responsibility and we own that, we want to make sure that as a community we recognize our power to make differences for ourselves.”

The group is working on a list of ideas to present to the CMS Board of Education. One idea is they’re trying to get some sort of incentive for teachers and principals who do well at a lower performing school, often associated with the black community, to stick around longer instead of jumping over to a higher performing school. 

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