Birthday celebration ruined when tree crashes into home


HUNTERSVILLE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A family was having a birthday dinner when a tree came crashing down onto their garage as strong storms moved through the Carolinas Sunday night.

The family’s Toyota SUV was crushed, and there’s also a car inside the garage that the family hasn’t yet been able to get out. 

They’re still waiting to find out if there was any structural damage to their house.

“If it were just a few feet over It would have taken all of us out,” Lynn Tanner told FOX 46.

Tanner’s family had just sat down for dinner to celebrate her husband’s birthday. 

“It was loud, it was just really loud and really fast,” she said. 

When the high winds and rain roared through their home on Stephens Rd. in Huntersville. 

“Stuff started hitting the window it got a little crazy and all of a sudden a tree fell and my husband screamed and covering our car and the house,” Rachel Smith said. 

Her niece, who’s not even two, was sitting in her high chair just feet from where the tree fell. 

“Grabbed the baby and ran into the den like all of us scrambled,” Tanner said. 

Just a couple miles down the road at Hubbard Farms on Brown Mill Rd., hail rained down demolishing a barn and destroying several sheds, all while this a momma cow was in labor. 

“We ended up having to pull the calf and it was just plum chaos for about 45 minutes,” said farmer Danny Phillips. 

Stormy, a boy calf, was born as rain and wind beat down on the farm. he’s doing just fine now.

“You guys are the Cone Weed farm, and now you’re going to be known probably for Stormy too,” FOX 46 reporter Robin Kanady said. 

“I’m just kind of glad that we’ll get things put back together,” 

The miracle of life in the middle of the storm, new birth and gratitude for life. 

“Divine intervention for sure, he’s not done with us yet,” said Smith.

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