Big Bust: 102 pounds of marijuana valued at $204,000 seized in Rowan County


Marijuana, cash, and shotgun via Rowan County Sheriff’s Office

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — Two men are facing multiple charges after deputies said they seized 102 pounds of marijuana valued at $204,000 from them in Rowan County. 

The bust happened on Monday, Oct. 14. Rowan County’s Special Investigations Unit received information about possible suspicious activity regarding a California plated commercial car hauler at a truck stop on Peeler Road in Salisbury. 

Investigators saw the hauler move to another location off Peeler Road, where two men began offloading boxes from a vehicle on the hauler. The boxes were placed into a gold Nissan Versa and taken to 475 Roseman Road. 

Deputies said the boxes were then moved from the Versa into an outbuilding and the two men of the Versa left. The Versa was then stopped by investigators and the occupants were identified as Jose Manuel Escobar-Mendez, 40, and Antonio Segundo-Rosales, 42. 

The sheriff’s office then obtained a search warrant for the residence on Roseman Road and seized around 64 pounds of marijuana from the outbuilding and an additional five pounds of marijuana from the residence. The sheriff’s office then conducted a search of the car hauler and its vehicles and located an additional 33 pounds of marijuana and $29,295 in United States currency.  At this time no charges have been brought against the driver. 

The total amount of marijuana seized was 102 pounds, valued at $204,000, they said. 

Escobar-Mendez, a resident of 475 Roseman Road in Salisbury, was charged with trafficking marijuana and conspiracy to traffic marijuana. Segundo-Rosales, a resident of Bertie Avenue in Salisbury, was charged with trafficking marijuana and conspiracy to traffic in marijuana. 

Both were placed under $150,000 secured bonds and both have since been released from custody. 

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