Bernie Sanders supporters wrap around Blumenthal Center ahead of rally


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Bernie Sanders supporters from across NC gathered in Uptown Charlotte Friday where the 2020 presidential hopeful held a rally. 

The line to enter Sanders’ event wrapped around the Blumenthal Arts Center. The first people in line arrived as early as 10 a.m. for the 4 p.m. speech. Many of them were standing in similar lines just four years ago during the 2016 Sanders campaign.

“You know the political scene has changed a lot. I am definitely a lot more involved. I’m really involved in my College Democrats chapter. I hope to hear a lot about how he is going to help college students like my age,” one attendee told FOX 46. 


Sanders is continuing some of his same ideas from 2016, including student loan forgiveness and healthcare for everyone.

“I would like to have more specifics. I feel like people want a good education and I like what I am hearing from him,” said another. 

Supporters may like what Sanders has to say, but do they feel anything has changed since 2016?

“We need somebody strong and resilient and Bernie is that person and unfortunately and last time it had a lot to do with Clinton that he didn’t make the nomination,” another supporter said. 

You can watch Sander’s full speech here


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