Baby Jude spends Thanksgiving in the hospital, continues fighting


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — A local child fighting one of the rarest disorders in the world is spending his Thanksgiving holiday in the hospital Wednesday night, as family said he continues his ongoing fight to live. 

2-year-old Jude Peters is spending his Thanksgiving holiday in a hospital bed, all hooked up. 

“It’s not a good feeling to be a parent when your child gets a cold, fearing for their life.”

There’s a different type of stuffed turkey next to him, get well soon balloons and Christmas lights, wrapped around his hospital bed. 

Little Jude lives with a lethal form of dwarfism – rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata. 

“He’s down to 10 pounds, four ounces. They weighed him here.”

For most people, a common cold can be nipped in the bud real quick but for Jude, it’s a much tougher battle to fight through. 

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“He tested positive for bronchiolitis, the rhino virus, and he also has a UTI. Unfortunately, with these babies when one part of their system gets affected it kind of goes to all of them.”

FOX 46 Charlotte is no stranger to Super Jude – following his journey from birthdays – to a meeting with dozens of families sharing a similar fight with the rare disorder. 

Through all the smiles, there’s also a lot of tears. There are, roughly, only 50 children in the world with this disorder. 

One of them, Cassidy, who FOX 46 Charlotte met this past summer, just passed away. 

“She went to the doctor as far as I know and they knew she had a cold but they didn’t think it was anything major but with these kids anything can be major with them, so, we were not expecting that it was really, really unexpected.”

Most rhizo kids don’t live to see 2-years-old. 

“Even a stuffy nose for Jude is not a good thing because it can turn into something like that.”

But at this time of year, Jude’s family is giving thanks. 

“It’s definitely a time to be thankful even though it’s a hard season we’re going through.”

Jude has quite the social media following – fan mail rolling in from all over the country. Many people continue to pray for the brave little warrior who continues to fight under the name Super Jude. 

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