Attorneys hired, hotel staff leaves as Days Inn tenant dispute boils over


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There have been new developments at the Days Inn on Woodlawn Road in Charlotte where tenants say management turned off power and water, and asked them to move out.

“I’m in the dark trying to change her diapers,” said tenant Quan Erwin, describing the night they were without power.

After power and water service was restored, a Facebook video from Wednesday appears to show management moving out. In the video, a worker, accompanied by a security officer, is taking computer monitors out of the front office.

FOX 46 has learned both some of the tenants and the hotel’s owner have hired attorneys. The attorney representing the hotel says workers no longer feel safe. He says the hotel closed because of COVID-19, a lack of funds and not enough staff. Then, he said vandals started destroying property, causing a safety concern.


“If our mayor, our county manager and CDC is telling us to stay in place, that’s what we’re supposed to do,” said Blanche Penn.

Penn and others got results for the tenants by bringing them food and supplies Wednesday. Currently, there aren’t any staff members on site.

During Wednesday’s Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners meeting officials discussed the circumstances surrounding tenants at the Days Inn.

“Our social work team is working with each hotel guest to relocate them to another hotel,” one said.

The tenants, who were offered a room at another hotel, told FOX 46 they didn’t want to leave. Now, Legal Aid is representing seven of them, and trying to get results by working out a solution.

Meanwhile, FOX 46’s story caught the attention of North Carolina State Representative Chaz Beasley.

“Well our office is definitely looking into it to see what the specific circumstances are,” said Beasley. “The good thing is we do have broad protections in our laws right now for these types of situations.”

Legal Aid tells FOX 46 they’re working with the attorney representing the hotel owner to work out a solution outside the court system.

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