Attendees frustrated by experience at Untappd Beer Festival


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Festival goers this weekend are now comparing the Untappd Beer Fest in Uptown to the Fyre Festival.

This, after participants say there was no alternative weather plan in place and they ran out of cups.

“When we arrived, it was blue skies and sunny,” said Jade Plaschka, who attended the event.  “But 20 minutes in, there were severe thunderstorm warnings– and that’s when it turned into a  disaster.”

Hundreds headed to the heart of Charlotte, Bank of America Stadium, where some were even turned away.

“Going in, I thought there was too many tickets sold,” said Andrew Braunschweig.  “I didn’t buy one initially– I went thinking I could buy one– but they were sold out.”

“We had friends who didn’t make it in because they got turned away because it was raining,” Plaschka said.

Long wait lines and cup shortages were also quit the let down.

“They promised a souvenir glass– but it was a cup that you could use for mouthwash.  It was very fragile and kept breaking and then apparently they ran out before everyone was in.”

Untappd released a statement saying it is in the process of individually working with dissatisfied festival goers.

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