Army vet in need of kidney transplant gets slew of calls


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results for an Army veteran in need of a life-saving kidney transplant. Because of the media attention, Edmund Baines said his phone just keeps ringing with people wanting to help.

“I believe somebody will give me a kidney one day,” Baines said.

Baines was moved to tears when he started getting calls from as far away as New York and Texas to as close as Charlotte from people wanting to give him a kidney.

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“I’m still young. I have a lot of living to do,” he said.

There’s a clear reason Chris Duschel wanted to help.

“I almost died,” he explained.

Duschel said he saw FOX 46 Charlotte’s report about Baines needing a lifesaving transplant.

“I really wanted to help FOX 46 get results for this veteran,” Duschel said.

Duschel, a fellow veteran, said he knows what it’s like to be in need. Ten years ago when he was a mechanic he had quite a traumatic experience.

“A school bus fell on me,” he said.

Duschel had dozens of surgeries and slowly began to recover with the help of a bone marrow donor.

“It changed my perspective on life, you really have to decide what’s important,” he said.

So when Duschel saw FOX 46 Charlotte’s story about Baines driving around in his car with the message plastered on the back that he needs a kidney – he knew he wanted to get tested to see if he’s a match.

“I’m going to have to make some changes in everyday life and I just feel like it’s worth it, this man is still young. He deserves an opportunity to live as long as possible,” Duschel said.

Duschel and Baines have an appointment set up next month to see if Duschel is a match and if not – Baines has more than a dozen other people who said they’re willing to make a sacrifice to help a grandfather watch his grandchildren grow up. 

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