American Bar Association places Charlotte School of Law on probation


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — The Charlotte School of Law has been placed on probation by the American Bar Association.

The school was placed on probation November 14, according to a notice posted by the bar association. According to the notice, the bar association, which accredits law schools, determined during a hearing in October that the school did not comply with its admissions policies by accepting students who were not capable of completing the program or passing the bar exam. 

At the hearing the following actions were decided:

  • The school must notify students within five business days that it is on probation and “publish (the notice) prominently on its website.”
  • The school must notify each student in writing of its graduates’ success rate on the North and South Carolina bar exams.
  • The school must report on its admission data and practices by Dec. 15, detailing what factors other than grade point average and LSAT scores when evaluating potential students.
  • The school has until Dec. 15 to present a plan for compliance. 

As of Thursday morning, the school’s website still stated that it is “fully approved” by the American Bar association.





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