Amazon’s potential move to the Queen City excites some, worries others


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — The Queen City could be seeing some big changes if Amazon decides to bring their headquarters here.

50,000 potential jobs, some with salaries reaching nearly $100, 000 is on the line for Charlotte, which is why a flashy video and social media campaign was promoted throughout the day Wednesday.

These are just a few of the ways the Queen City hopes to sparkle in front of Amazon executives.

But, the top secret proposal is the real deal. Two of the business leaders who helped with the proposal appeared on the City of Charlotte podcast Wednesday.

“Really they are going to be looking at the serious opportunities they have to be successful and they can grow with Charlotte is what we are saying,” said Dianne Chase, Senior Partner at C4CS, LLC.

But it’s the fast growth worrying some across Charlotte.

“On a large scale it could be really good for the region, but I think we have to ask for whom is it going to be good for,” Greg Jerrell of QC Family Tree said.

“I am not against Amazon. I am against Amazon coming to Charlotte. I don’t think it’s ready and able to handle Amazon at this point,” says Robert Dawkins.

Dawkins is a member of Action NC. He and his crew were knocking on doors Wednesday, informing people of the affordable housing problems in the Queen City.

According to, the average apartment rent in charlotte is $1,073 dollars, and has been steadily climbing.

Dawkins says Amazon headquarters in Charlotte could further skyrocket those costs, along with housing prices.

“If you add 50,000 jobs, mostly people making $100,000 dollars, it’s going to draw it up to where the majority of people won’t be able to live in a city that is already gentrifying faster than we can control already,” Dawkins said. 

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